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Holy Land - according to the ancient the Greeks ...

one of the most green islands in Greece with hundreds of streams coming from the mountain Saos.
Saos or Feggari is a mountain of Samothrace with a maximum altitude of 1,611 meters.

It occupies the greater part of the island of Samothrace. It is the highest mountain at the Aegean island (with the exception of Crete and Evia mountains). Saos mountain, has numerous water fountain sources that retain water and summer.

On the slopes of the mountain, streams, waterfalls and small lakes (also known as 'lagoons') are formed. The northern slopes are covered with oak forests, and gullies are full by plane trees and alders. The mountain tops are bare and rugged.

The laborious ascent of the mountain (at least 4-5 hours) can be attempted from the Therma village in the north of the island, or from Chora of Samothrace from west.
According to mythology, from the top of Saos mountain Poseidon watched the Trojan war. (Source: el.wikipedia.org)
The beaches are beautiful and different from one another, covering all tastesPebbles or sand, but always the color of green dominates. One of the beaches you should visit is the Kipos (garden) which has black volcanic pebble and dark deep waters. Also, be sure to take a swim in Pahia Ammos, which is the largest and most famous sand beachAt Therma (Baths) is the Municipal Spa (Hydrotherapy) with warm sulfur springs, known for their healing properties since even the Byzantine period. (Source: www.kosmonea.gr)

The natural pools (lagoons) of Samothrace are among the most impressive in Greece. Springs, streams and rivers coming from Mount Saos but fountains forming waterfalls and the famous Vathres (lagoons) ie natural pools among the rocks. (Source: www.newsbeast.gr)
The famous mysteries of the Great Gods of Samothrace, who honored between donations of brilliant buildings, the rulers of the Hellenistic kingdoms. The formal relationship between the ancient Greeks and the gods was of a public nature. At the same time, at an early stage mystery cults started to born, accessible only to those who had been accepted in the rituals after specific tests.

rules for the initiated to abide an absolute secrecy about the content of the mysteries, which did not leave room for revealing much information about ancient mysteries.

However the excavations to the the Samothrace sanctuary unearthed ceremonial buildings and utensils that allow us to form an opinion. (Photo: Part off relief frieze archaistic dancers from the Building of the Ritual Dance) (Source: www.theacropolismuseum.gr)