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The sea around Samothrace is one of the richest in the Mediterranean regarding marine life. The island combines a wide range of activities, such as marine sports, underwater fishing, diving.

The coast of Samothrace is crystal clear, covered with white "pebbles". On the south of the island close to Lakkoma, Pahia Ammos is waiting for you, a beautiful beach covered with sand. Then you meet the exotic Vatos with trees and cold water, Kremastos waterfall whose water fall foaming in deep blue sea both in winter and summer.  Finally you confront the breathtaking spectacle of geological formations, which the locals call "Tis Grias ta Pania '. The endless beach of Kipoi, with a dark gray pebble, revealing some of the secret beauties of Samothrace.

The sea and the coast is a whole different world that welcomes you with Delphinus delphis dolphins, shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis and the Monachus monachus seal finding temporary refuge in the southeastern coastal cliffs.

Paxia Ammos

Renowned as the most beautiful beach of the island and is one of the few sandy beaches of Samothrace.

The only sandy beach which you can access by road, which is about 20 km from Kamariotissa. Although the road is paved, the route is relatively difficult because of the tight structure and uphill road.

The locals are willing to give you the necessary information and advice to reach without any special problems. The crystal clear waters and fine sand reminiscent Cyclades, while the music from the beach bar, gives a cosmopolitan air.


Beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by high cliffs with caves. Further east is the famous waterfall Kremastos.

The crystal waters fall from the top off the waterfall directly into into the sea.

Exotic and yet wild place, with caves, waterfalls and crystal clear waters and rocks, reachable only by sea.


Called the Kipos (garden), because they say that during the Hellenistic period there was a large garden. Beautiful beach with cliffs on the southwest coast of the island. Accessed by boat from Therma or Kamariotissa. Located at the end of the road, 29 km. from Kamariotissa and is the last endless beach. The forces of nature and tectonic fractures, created a wonderland location and beautiful beach, at the eastern end of the basic highway.

Being created by volcanic activity, this beach is characterized by its wild beauty. Decorated with large black pebbles and surrounded by enormous cliffs. You'd think that ... all roads leading to it, because here ends the highway of the island!