Few Clouds
The impressive mountain of the island and the rich untouched nature offer great excitement to lovers of exploration, adventure and adrenaline:

canyoning mountaineering∙ mountain∙ biking paragliding climbing, hiking and rafting, canoe kayak, diving are just some of the unique experiences that can be enjoyed by energetic visitors.


Samothrace is the destination for hikers and mountain climbers. Countless trails for beginners and experienced, alongside the rivers, through the trees and best of all, the route E6 in Feggari mountain top.

Trekking and hiking

The island combines activities both for sea and canyon. The canyoning in Samothrace with over 10 different tracks, contains hiking, adventure and entertainment with natural slides, swim in crystal clear waters and the most beautiful waterfalls abseiling.

Hunting - Fishing

Samothrace is a place of fishermen and therefore visitors that enjoy this type of holidays, get lines and snorkeling and enjoying the serenity of the sea.

For those who want to try their luck with a ship or boat, those are always available for as many hours as they can stand.

The hunting season in Samothrace, from late August to late February, bringing to the island hunters for hares, partridges, quail, woodcocks, wood pigeons and turtledoves.

Hunters of the island are organized in the Hunting Association of Samothrace.


Canoes are light, elongated vessels without keel, powered by the muscular power of one or more rowers who use Dual or single paddle. It was survival tools for the Indians and the Eskimos, perfectly suited to their lifestyle. Gained great popularity in recent years, they allow humans to come into contact with nature in an exciting way, alone or with friends, at one-day or multi-day trips and at rates designated by him.

The sea kayak could be complementary to the other activities of the island that combine the island mountain with the sea. The side of the island, is particularly interesting and is an ideal place for kayak enthusiasts. The inaccessible beaches between impressive rocks, the hanging waterfall falling into the sea, the geological formations in the Grias Pania combined with the blue sea create an amazing landscape.

Scuba diving

The diver carries himself the necessary, under pressure, air bottles providing him the freedom of movement under water.

(The initials Scuba mean: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus).

Scuba Diving enables the visitor to be initiated to the enchanting beauty that presents the rich seabed of the island.